Development Coach

Hamilton, Waikato
Posted 13 days ago
Logo Creating a Positive Lifestyle
Creating a Positive Lifestyle
Company Description:
We are an online business in the space of Personal Development and Success Education, marketing and selling our online courses and events.
Contract Type:
Experience Required:
3 to 4 years
Education Level:
45 to 65 years
Number of vacancies:

Job Description

We are a global enterprise specializing in personal development, success education, and coaching. We are seeking motivated professionals from various industries to join our growing team. Currently, we operate in over 150 countries and are looking to expand further.

If you are coachable and eager to develop yourself as a Development Coach, we offer the tools to enhance your skills and foster both personal and professional growth through our comprehensive training and business model.

Remote Work: Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere using your laptop and phone.
Upfront Profits: Start earning immediately from product sales.
Flexibility and Freedom: Achieve a balanced work/life schedule.
International Growth Opportunities: Expand globally with our award-winning products.
No Hard Selling: No cold calling or product stocking required.

Job Requirements:
Strong work ethic
Coachable mindset
Eagerness to learn new skills
Excellent organizational skills
Interest in personal development programs
Ability to overcome challenges
Positive and big-thinking mindset
Self-motivated individuals
Aspiring self-driven entrepreneurs
Legal resident of the country

Earning Potential:
Your income is directly tied to your efforts and hours worked. This online business offers a genuine opportunity for financial independence and personal growth, welcoming individuals from diverse industries and backgrounds.

How to Apply:
Please provide your contact number, and we will schedule a brief 5-10 minute initial interview to discuss this exciting opportunity further. Join our global team and embark on a journey of professional and personal success.