AI Developer Volunteer

NA, Wellington
Posted 26 days ago
Company Description:
FriendnPal is a pioneering mental health initiative that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide accessible and inclusive mental health support. Our platform aims to connect individuals with the resources they need for better mental well-being. We believe in the power of technology to make mental health services universally available.
Contract Type:
Experience Required:
1 year
Education Level:
Bachelor’s Degree
Number of vacancies:

Job Description

As a Volunteer AI Developer, you will be a key contributor to FriendnPal's technical team, working on innovative solutions to enhance our AI-powered platform.


AI Algorithm Development: Collaborate on the development and improvement of AI algorithms for mood tracking, personalized support, and chatbot interactions.

Platform Enhancement: Work closely with the tech team to implement AI-driven features, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics to extract insights, refine algorithms, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the platform.

Innovation: Explore new AI technologies and methodologies to enhance FriendnPal's capabilities in providing mental health support.

Collaboration: Engage in cross-functional collaboration with other developers, UX designers, and mental health professionals to integrate AI seamlessly into the platform.


Proficient in AI and machine learning technologies.
Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.
Experience in developing and deploying AI models.
Familiarity with mental health or wellness industry trends is a plus.

Contribute to a meaningful cause in mental health awareness.
Gain experience in implementing AI solutions for a social impact project.
Networking opportunities in the tech and mental health sectors.